Scarecrow & Tinmen - Big Mouth lyrics

You've lived enough time in the flood of dissipation
Are you trapped by what you said, give ear to this proclamation

Ya, Ya, Ya

The big M, it's full of deadly poison
The big M, it's set on fire by hell
The big M, it corrupts the whole person
The big M, it curses fellow man as well

Ya, Ya, Ya

People pay great attention to voices, yet their hearts are black like the hole
Put perversity far from your mouth, so your lips may preserve your soul

Ya, Ya, Ya


Interlude: Monk Noises

Ya Ya Ya

Last Chorus
The big M, praise to the Lord and Father
The big M, comfort and exhort your brother
The big M, we're crying out for your presence
The big M, hearing is best during silence