Scales Empire - Bright Lights, Big City lyrics

Livin' every night like it's the last one
You know the song
Bright lights big city

Let the sharks come swim
It's grim and catches prawn
It spins and dark lives and sung every night
Money spends everyday
Between the tattooed walls
Jam to walk the wire
The thin edge of the razor
Trying not to fall
Stress touches nerves to break your point
True to the game, be quiet
Smoke a joint
Write a poem
Deep blue, upchuck
Shall we say old son
No place like home
No nice nice and everything got a price
Live it
Stay humble
Move with the laws of the jungle
Bright lights, big city

It's the way the stories get told [x3]

We got talking once about unfullfilled dreams
Superstar beams
Tall eyes tall eyes
To take it to the pros
But he'll never make it
This other kid picked up the escort service racket
He said pimpin' ain't easy
He's mad and he lives off the differences
Meds and his brown suga baby
Lock lock he's been over there
I will come in forever
Next thing you know is there was hugs and kisses
It was kicks and slaps in a world where everybody's name is john
Everybody listen to the heron
How she got an all personal demon
Violent man, die violent death
That is the essence of the teachings
She burst him with the 2 piece she kept under the pillow
Killa protectah
Now he might be, on a plane beyond time
So maybe, play him the off himself
Or this shit like a mofo
Another passed into memory
Bright lights big city


Drama drama all past night, great day
Trife, I found the biatches had insominacs
Stand firm when you go feed worm
African next fall in love
Neophyte chemical
It'll turn a wise man cynical
Cuz you can't do shit except watch the tailspin
And wait for the crash
The lies and true
Both have lazy-e-boy chairs
In the minds of the faceless beings
To populate the metroopolis
Everybody's a somebody
And no one knew it
So egos meet, clash and conflict
Where you at
It's always your intellect
There's love, and beauty
And also sad stories of betrayal
Featuring false pride
Fear, greed, immortal desire and ignorance
All tension in the landscape
We get wise, wise up
Party and pull tissue
And what not
Click click
The streets capture life
The good, the bad the ugly
Like the white

It's the way the stories get told [x3]

New York