Saweetie - Anti (2018)

Saweetie - Anti (2018)
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Saweetie - Anti lyrics
[Verse: Saweetie] YSL clutch bag, boss niggas love that My weave real long, do my squats so that ass fat Love my attitude so he call me lil’ brat, brat He love me long time Cause his cash Yeah I match that Never took a L, lesson learned, and I bounced back Tripping off a nigga, man for what? I just fall back I don’t have the time to be giving out my time Haters tryna dim my light, cause they know I’m ‘bout to shine When they say I’m not hot, now you know you niggas lying Tell your man get off my dick, he keep trying to hit my line I don’t share niggas, I just spare niggas The type that’s not for now, but you keep ‘em just incase nigga I don’t tweet niggas, I deceive niggas Tell ‘em face to face, carry on and proceed nigga Been a real life, never been a make believe And I’m sticking with my squad, to the top is where we be New bitches tryna grab lunch, nah that ain’t for me You ain’t starve with me nigga, so why be there when I eat Moving mean with my team, in the crib is where we be Yeah, you barely see us out, cause we plotting up our scheme You might see us in the spring, taking spots, wait and see If you ain’t rocking with us now, don’t expect to get a seat Nigga! [Pre-Hook: Yhung T.O.] And that's why I gotta keep a ratchet, bad bitch Work two jobs and gets taxes Bought a new Glock, hold 30 like a plasma All she want is two things backshots and a backrub And oh I, oh I I'm that nigga that will do that You know I can't lie Love the way that you move that You know I, know I get that check and run through that Got one clip, two clips Niggas know I keep two straps [Hook: Yhung T.O.] And that's why I'm so anti, anti Can't trust these bitches no cannot, cannot, oh And I, and I, always keep some shooters on standby, standby, no