Saving Boy Wonder - Zero To Failure In Seventeen Years lyrics

3 a.m. Friday morning, just outside Ohio. I've been driving for eight hours, eleven more to go. If i just stay quiet and drive, we might make it out of here alive. If i don't you'll find me as far away from you as i can be. Looking out of my window, see the streetlights flashing flashing looking at my reflection, i can't help but think about crashing crashing. If i had a dollar for everytime i thought about dying just to clear my mind. I'd have enough stability to keep you as far away as i can be. I only wish the best for you, hope your dreams come true. Every mile further is one more step away from you. Only wish the best for you, hope you're doing well. I'll be in Chicago, i'll see you in hell. Thinking of what i'm leaving, don't know where i'm going. Thinking of you deceiving me into not knowing that, All your dreams were so brilliant and clever. If i think about you i could drive forever. And if i don't, you'll find me as far away from you as i can be. I'll be in Chicago, I'll see you in hell.