Saving Aimee - Boredom Often Leads To Depression lyrics

Bemused, conflicting order and signs
Keep your feet of seats; keep your luggage with you at all times
Oh stop it you know I won't listen
No smoking for addicts is prison
Be gone with your barriers I'm losing all reason
Just lock me up now on your charges of treason

Confused, bring back my orders and signs
Panic caused, lack of restriction means manic in time
The words you are saying are mumbled
The verbs and the nouns have just crumbled
The questions you're asking are making me nervous
But I can't complain cos I know I deserve it

This is wrong (HEY HEY!!)
Not quite the approach
It feels so wrong (HEY HEY!!)
To late I'm gone

I'll go the opposite way
I'm leaving in style with regrets and boxed up kisses
Don't take this the wrong way
Don't take this the wrong way

I think I can feel again
I think can pay more attention this time
This time I'll try
The mind of a bored boy