Savedayzed - Together lyrics

How can I find the words to tell you
That you were my every breath.
How important is important
When It seems ive nothing left.

Words will never shine as bright
As you hair under scarlet skies.
And the pen will never do you justice
Because beauty is in your eyes.

Home is nestled close to you
Regardless of where we are
Because pain is almost comfortable
When I love you from afar.

Fire wont hold a match to you
When your heart is burning bright.
And sunshine looks away from you
It shelters from the light

Too bad you fell for someone else
When the winter is close behind.
Will this lover be there for you
When summer's lost in mind.

Please break the glass between our hearts
The time is drawing near
Let's leave today for costa rica
Where the water is always clear.

Ill build a boat and wax it clean
Our voyage starts tonight
Youll drop the sails and man the wheel
The only hearts in sight.

Lets stop right here, the perfect place
And stake our claim forever
We can build a place of bamboo stakes
And settle for together.