Savedayzed - Incomplete Goodbye lyrics

"Incomplete Goodbye"

For those of us who measure light,
By the time in dark we spend.
I'll take the time to open up,
To the comfort of a friend.

So read the words and understand,
That it's not about my mind.
It's all about the heart we share,
And all we've left behind.

History caught up to us,
And ran it's loathing course.
But lessons learned outmatch the bad,
Our intimate divorce.

I've watched you grow to this extent,
And I feel you've done the same.
Thats what makes it harder now,
To forget your lovely name.

What I mistook for truest love,
Turned out to be a lie.
That's why Im even doing this,
My incomplete goodbye.

So take this for what you think its worth,
And i'll do just the same.
I've made myself see clearly now,
I'm past the time of pain.

Uninspired nights will show,
The things that really matter.
And someday soon i'll pick and choose,
Of love and hate, the latter.