Savatage - I Believe lyrics

Beyond the skies, rising so high
Set a course for the unknown

But I believe there's life out there
Somehow we'll find it

Countdown begins
Our ship will soon launch
On its perilous flight to the stars
A civilised race, on some distant world
We'll find you wherever they are

I believe we'll find a new world
Can't you see we cannot return?

Systems are go as we leave behind
A planet that's doomed to end
Nuclear wars, the polluted seas
Doomsday begins its descent

Where do we go?
What'll we find?
Is there life?
Other than mine?

I believe

For two thousand years we sought and we searched
The galaxy's black holes in space
Then on the day of 3013 we came upon a race
I believe we can survive on this sphere
Plotting a course to enter the stratosphere
We're finally here, can we survive?
A cryosphere
I hope there's life

I believe

We land the ship on a green barren plain
Once outside, from a box the voice came:

Welcome to Earth
May we ask who you are?
Our race is called Man
The planet is done, done, done, done, done, done, done!

Planet is doomed
Hands on the moon
Forget the tune, yeah

Hands of the moon
Strike-out at two!
Forget the blue!