Sauce Money - What's That, Fuck That lyrics

Y'all muthafuckas is sadly mistaken
I think -
I don't really think y'all understand
What it is that I exactly do
I make joints for the radio
And all that, youknowmsayin?
But this is my shit right here, yo
We can just get right to it
Hope they can fuck with it

( VERSE 1 )
I can make joints all day, never touch a average
Sauce, hot shit, ain't nothin but a marriage
Skills that I possess, niggas die to have it
Hip-hop muthafucka, I rap like a savage
Automatics for faggots who brag about fabrics
Mad blood on your carriage, no love for you addict
I roast all y'all niggas, homicide closed, die most
It's suicide fuckin with me, try toast
Fuck cats talkin first class but fly coach
The laugh is over, Mr. Half-a-Soda
You're at your quota, I'm halfway to Minnesota
The seat 1a sippin a ice cold ??Momossa??
Never sober, when I awake I can make a wish
Head from the bitch servant or steak and fish
Arouse my meat till I'm sound asleep
Gettin brain surgery at 33'000 feet
A nigga knocked out till I hit the ground and creeped
Limo, five star hotel and a suite
Once earnin I come turnin for cunt squirmin
Bitches who front learnin, yearnin to keep the blunt burnin