Saturday Night Murder Ball - I Am The Monster lyrics

I went to a party, with all the famous monsters
Frankenstein and Dracula everyone was there
The room started to spin cause we was drinkin gin
And I tied and I tried but i could not get away

I took a trip to the other side
It is the side where the spirits collide

Was a tall blond dragon who had her tale a waggin
A real fire breather lit my cigarette
I knew it was a sin but I just kept giving in
Though I tried and I tried but I could not get away

And though a spirit lives a body dies
There are some things that you can't survive

I have become one, a famous monster
I've crossed into the other side
And if you see one, a famous monster
Just don't look in her eyes

It started getting light,we all ran out of fright.
Godzilla on a pilla sleepy creatures of the night.
The room kept swayin cause the band kept playin
And when I started leaving I knew something wasn't right