Satchel - Built 4 It lyrics

That day on my hands
And it ain't funny, I can't understand
Why you lay there
With no hope for goodbyes
I made a lot of money, but I don't tell you I cry
If there's anything that I can say
If there's anything that I could do
If there's anything little darling
That could make you love me
Yes I guess sometimes the world
Don't give you enough of that
But I swear, I'll give love
Guet up every mornin'
And I swear it's not the same
No early warning, there's no one to blame
Meanwhile there is a woman, with Crazy Horse's eyes
Oh, you can't make nothin' out of simple goodbyes
Made a lot of muscle, fair-haired goodbyes
And it took a hustle to get me on the road
But ain't no early warning, to hang my gratitude
Take out the muscle and win the solid shoes