Satarial - Lover Of The Night (The Beloved Of The Night) lyrics

Beloved of the night,
The Dark bride,
Call the Horned one to your nuptial bed.
Let your brothers guard the Towers of Directions,
Let the Lords of Elements be your witnesses.
You can feel the gates becoming wet
And Extasy flowing through you from the West to the East.
Delight in love with both of the brothers
And create Desire in Astral Extasy.

Birth and Death in extasy,
So perceive the neature of Creation,
Behold the three Islands,
Ask the three priestesses.

Let all the evil go away!
Let the moon rise with the ninth simbol
And bless all those who came for you with your blood.
Behold the three islands,
Ask the three priestesses
And let your wish remain in the World's great testimonies.