Sass Jordan - Love's Like Rain lyrics

It's been so dry since before the fall
The wind is blowing like an old dust bowl
This whole town's on a powder keg
I feel the smoke running through my head
Can't keep the wolf off of my front door
Can't dig no well in this kitchen floor
One thing I know – it's my belief
Only you now darling that can give me relief

Your love's like rain, rain, rain
Falling down on me
It's just like rain, rain, rain
A river running to the sea

I heard the news coming down the wire
To set the countryside all on fire
The man said on the morning show
You better pack your bags and go
But I'm gonna stay here like a stone
Until the sun is burning these dry bones
I may be buked, I may be scorned
But your tide is gonna rise and I will be reborn

Going out of my mind
I've been confined to misery
I would be much obliged
I'd be revived if you'd see about me