Sarah Silverman - You're Gonna Die Soon lyrics

[In the Retirement Home]
Can you blow your own nose?
Can you tie your own shoe?
If you had Velcro ones,
would you even know what to do?
When you make a doodee
is it in your pants?
(Or trousers as they said in the day)
(Are you mad because your grandson is gay?)
(Is it a bummer that your pubes are all gray?)
When you clear your throat
is it really disgusting?
Does it go on for hours and miles?
You're Gonna Die Soon x2
It's not cold in here you're just dying
You're Gonna Die Soon x2
You in the back
You are dying soon
You're Gonna Die Soon x2
We're all gonna die
but not as soon as you guys
You're Gonna Die x2
You're Dying

[At the Funeral]
You think I'm Lazy?!
That's Hilarious!
You sit around, dye your hair, and take drugs!
The more you shrink, the bigger your mouth gets!
You drive me crazy how you chew your walnuts!
You told me you hated my perm!

[opens coffin]
I visited you!
Pick up your prescription?!
I'm not your candy man, you bag of bones!

[While shaking the corpse of her grandma:]
You're Gonna Die Soon!
You're Gonna Die!
You're Dying!