Santers - Stranded lyrics

I could tell by they way that you sang that song
That you were leavin' me you said,"It's all wrong, so long!"
I just couldn't believe it when you walked out the door

I keep hopin'
I'll keep it open, baby
I'm hangin' on cause it feels so strong

I'm Stranded - reminded
I'm stranded all this time

Don't know the reasons why we couldn't work it out
And the answers I get they still leave me in doubt
Can't remember the day when it all turned about

Then it hit me
It wasn't meant to be
Just a fantasy, but reality

‘Cause I'm stranded - reminded
I'm stranded all this time
You're still on my mind

I'm callin' to you, too far away to hear
I need you here with me can't you see
I'm stranded all alone inside my dream

You can tell by the way that I'm singing my song
That I've been lonely and waiting for you too long, it's so wrong
I know the time has come for me to break away

Forget about you
I can live without you
I'll be movin' on ‘cause the feeling's gone

Don't have to be stranded - or reminded
That I'm stranded all this time
With you on my mind