Sans Katoi - Gypsy Queen lyrics

Well the gypsy queen found her rabbit
At the bottom of the magic man's hat
She went screaming for me down Main Street
They told me it was something like that

Well I heard her calling out my window
And her words were full of hate
Hurling curses into the dark night
And lamenting the beggar's fate

I tried so hard
To listen to it
But in the end
I simply couldn't do it

Well I heard the midnight ranger
Had been left out on parole
If he promised to be loyal
And stop playing his rock and roll

And so he haunts the beaches
Staring at the bathing suits
Dressed to the nines in leather
And wearing pink cowboy boots

He has no interest in justice
Nor in salvation of his soul
Just starts digging his own grave
And lies down in that hole