Sanguis - Towards The Stormgates lyrics

Knee deep into the wet earth - Walking the path of sorrow
Forward through the night - With shields and axes by side
Wearing mighty amulets - Their armours shines in moonlight
Impaled heads on sticks - Gazeing as a sign of triumph
Over mountains they walk - Breathing white air at the top
Wandering in the lowlands - Suffering by almighty sun
Crystal lakes lay beside - By their water the light reflects
The flowers in the deepest lake - lurking throughout dimensions

Visualizing the journeys end - Unveiling the last secrets
Oath of wisdom opens wide - Light breaks out from there
Finally they have found the last - artifact of elder times
As they stay beside the shrine - voices told them what to do
Unite the swords in wrath - To fullfill their mission
Thunder crash throught the clouds - all life ends and born a new
They look into the blackened sky - Waiting for the last order
To walk towards the stormgates - Into a new godless aeon

Heïs kneeling down - open his hands with grief
Awaiting the night - as the rain touches his face
Lightning splits the sky - earth light turned to gray again
Reinforced by eternal knowledge - The last triumph shall rise

In the eyes of a dreamer - united we are one
Stay against the light - through wisdom weïll prevail
And as the last gate opens - We see for what we stand
The last warriors of night - with bottles of ale by side

You know its not a vision of yours
The last gate is the gate to hell