Sanctuary Rig - Mitchell And Shaw Inverted lyrics

Creeping back into the room,
Try not to make a sound
Suppressing everything you have to say
Crawling back into the ring
To take it lying down
It's been so long, you know no other way

Who leaves you nothing when they take it all?
Who's got it? Mitchell and Shaw
Who's got the love that's fit to break your balls
Who's got it? Mitchell and Shaw

Slipping through the Northern door
To make a churchman's oath
Contemplating every word you say
Sleeping ‘neath the bones
Of matrimony's holy ghost
Jesus doesn't want you anyway

Richer for poorer, you can have my wealth
Who's got it? Mitchell and Shaw
You fed my sickness and you wrecked my health
Who's got it? Mitchell and Shaw

Mitchell and Shaw used to have a rapport
While their love shone red and gold
Talk of the town, well, they got around
Before it all turned ugly, sick and cold
You wouldn't say it was bound to go that way
On the outside they were strong
They wouldn't tell of their bleak domestic hell
Where your best is always wrong
Mitchell and Shaw fought to even the score
So the war would carry on

Crouching in the corner
With the shadows closing in
Broken down with nowhere left to go
Unclean eyes and dirty lies
And we know where you've been
Fix your plastic smile, on with the show

Who's got the muscle fit to break your heart?
Who's got it? Mitchell and Shaw
Co-signed in blood: until us death do part
Who's got it? Mitchell and Shaw