Sanctuary Rig - Louise lyrics

It's the rising moon
Speaks roughly to her little girl
Don't give away the goods too soon
It's your foolish pride
That says stay close to what you know
It's not a sin to feel alive!
Don't believe their lies
Meet the bitter sting of criticism
Right between the eyes
Yesterday has gone
And though your lovers may have fell away
Your vision lingers on
And Louise is striking poses
And striking out alone
She doesn't need a mother
Or a man to feel at home
Louise is on to something
She can feel it in her bones
But it's not easy—Louise

In uncertain times
It isn't hard to see
You must be clever to be kind
Every single day
Is cut and dried and nullified
It isn't hard to stay away!
Honey ain't you heard?
There's a new bitch on the block
And she can cut you with a word
Yesterday has gone
And though your shaman-sickness fell away
Your symptoms linger on
And your doctors and your teachers
Wonder where the old Louise has gone
But she's proud and pained and pretty
And she's really coming on strong
And Louise is making waves
Without permission or pretence
She'd rather skate upon a razor blade
Than sit upon the fence
And when her words are framed in amber
Generations hence
Will you remember—Louise?

Don't ya look surprised
With your witch's silhouette
You're not so hard to eulogise
Yesterday has gone
And though my silence fell away
My admiration lingers on
And all the preachers and the prophets
Try to tell you that you're wrong
And you remind me a lot of my boy-child self
Before the whole thing went Pete Tong
And you turn the wheel so well
You send the teacher back to school
And you've smashed down all the windows
And you've broken every rule
And you've shown the Three Wise Monkeys
To be nothing more than fools
And Louise she doesn't care
If you're a sinner o a saint
Louise can tell just what you are
And see just what you ain't
And I know there's a raw and honest beauty
Underneath all that powder and paint
But it's not easy—Louise