Sanctuary Rig - Dawn Of A New Day lyrics

I'm travelling on this lonely road
With only this life to behold
I don't doubt that I'll lose my way
I have so very much to say
I took the car and I missed the train
I waved my lover from the plane
I need to see her soon again
Waiting for this new day to begin

It's not been easy to decide
I found me a guru who confides
It's not a simple task for me
I guess I'll have to wait and see
I saw her in the astral light
She don't give up without a fight
She follows me through journeys long
Waiting for this new day to begin

In the blinking of an eye
I can see this world go by
And although it isn't strange
With my new life to arrange
I feel the weight and I feel the power
When I'm asleep, and in the hours
That keeps me waking in my heart
Waiting for this new day to begin

Time will draw unto a close
All that nature does expose
And in the presence of the sun
I can feel my work is done
I move towards a better day
I can hardly keep away
Counting endless nights and days
Waiting for this new day to begin