Sammie - Tonight (feat. Tyga) (2011)

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Sammie - Tonight (feat. Tyga) lyrics

No, no excuses baby we can do this
Shorty i'ma come true
Show me what you’re go'n do
You go up give me that
I’m gonna have to give you this
You go up give me that GOOD LOVE
I’m gonna have to give you this GOOD LOVE

Plenty time in the hour glass
Hard night freak show you how i make it last
Twisting up the shits, here go a pillow to grab
she Back it up for me now baby bend that ass over
I can see why your friends mad
Cause sex like this they ain’t never ever had
rip your thong off rub this oil on your back
Mac on the dresser, got to stay strapped
light a flame hot candle wax ... pour it on your body i know you feel that
damn I ain't mean to spill that, fuck it just get ready i'm finna kill this.. PUSSY