Sammie - Outta My Mind (2013)

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Sammie - Outta My Mind lyrics

This the heart break if you didn’t know,
Girls have the kiss, I’m a mistletoe.
They all tell me their heart’s ripped,
She gotta go and stitch without live low.
She claim she’s good, she claim she’s great,
Either way I eat her up, no dinner plate.
Watch me stay on track like I’m a train
Jose, I’m fly, I call me plane.
They love my style and everything that imma do,
She told me I like gold chain and I’m just like true.
Started out like nothing, but nothing turned into something
And with something on my mind, man, I like what I’m becoming.
These women so bad like a cup I’m about to come
And she’s all about the green, I get why she doesn’t stop.
And she says you’re such a dawg, just look at you
And I say you’re like the ground cause I put my bone in you.
Girl, you must be employed, cause I swear you’re about to work it
Don’t gotta be so uptight, I rather you open like curtains.
We only got one night, gotta make some on my time,
See, I’m not into this change, but I always carry dimes.
I would’ve liked, girl, she got the brown eyes, she got the long hair, she got the nice styles
She got me going under water like it’s me she’s about to baptize, damn.
See, I’m running on this track and my girl is like a retro, cause she’s about to bring back.
And I’m rapping to the day, another mixtape on the way
This time I’m all about progression, I’m rapping, here goes the present.

I’m trippy out of my mind,
I need to get you out of my mind.
See, I’m riding with my team and I swear I’m doing fine
But I’m trippy out of my mind,
I need to get you out of my life.