Sambassadeur - I Can Try lyrics

A swift change in the weather calls for
looks out to the tune
Your man mistakes me out for another run
and so I'm now on the city streets forever heart set for repeats
Mr something out here glad is worth my while

I can try
to reveal for amerish and the wild
the ivory sky I know your smile
I can walk enough of time and devise to play in my mind
I can try
that's another way of thinking for us to say
Another way of knowing past to take
I can try find their heart
And I can find a way to make it stop

Branches switch my riple bison tearing to my skies
okal has changed from white to black again
I can try
Somewhere in the days there's none to keep
Somewhere in the night theres's a way to sleep
I can try to wave at you and start to do it sometime soon