Samantha Crain - Religious Wind lyrics

In all my life I never seen
A garden grow without the rain
Baby, I think we're 'bout to defy

The written rules of poetry
Laws of science and society
'Cause all this found its way without a guide

And then the comet shot around
The strings were making faster sounds
All natural forces came to our bed

We were positive and negative
In a foreign land we were natives
In that holy god fearing night

Come on religious wind
I've found you again
He was the ache in my blood

When the sun was comin' up
I cursed its name, I'd had enough
Bein' in such a rush

Let me care for this one

When the city's burnin' down
Could you settle for a smaller town
Do you hate that your heart does not race

And all the while we're swapping cards
And looking for another flaw
In a window we cannot look away

Come on religious wind
I've found you again
He took me through the flood

When water breaks the shield
And all illusions are revealed
That's where my heaven will be

All distressed and unclean