Sam Salter - Superstar (2011)

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Sam Salter - Superstar lyrics

I just wanna let you know how much you mean to me

Wait a minute
Baby girl i swear that this is right
‘cause it feels like i know you on my life
You got me thinking bout you ..thing
And i .. girl your lies
My favorite song when I’m seeking a thousand times
A perfect melody can’t get of my mind
You’re the leading lady but i want by my side
Uuh girl you want

Baby you’re my superstar
...when you come around
My superstar
‘cause i love the way that you put it down
You’re my superstar girl i just wanna let you know
I don’t even .. ‘cause baby you’re a superstar and here i am
Maybe i don’t think you understand
How far i’ll go to show you i’ a fan

And everything you do to me
All the love you give to me
This is where i wanna be
Girl you love
My favorite song when you sing in a thousand times
Or the melody i can’t get on my mind
You’re the leading lady that i want by my side
Oh girl you ..


Girl i wanna show you that your love is supposed to be supposed to be
Girl, i’m gonna give you let me give you baby
When you say you need ‘cause you’re my ..


Baby you’re my superstar
Everything i do i do for you girl
You’re my superstar ‘cause you mean so much to me baby
You’re my ..
I don’t’ need a ... superstar
No no no no
Girl you’re my my my my life
You’re my superstar
Everything can do for you baby okay