Sam Lachow - 80 Bars Part 2 (2013)

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Sam Lachow - 80 Bars Part 2 lyrics

[Verse 1: Sam Lachow]
Man fuck the rest of you wussies
I swear I'm fresher than the frozen food section of pussy
Pussy keep trynna push me
I'll push you under the couch
Ima die with a blunt in my mouth
I been around long enough that I think it's safe to say
You should put a huckleberry in when you're saying my name
Not a gang in the game but can hang with the rap board
Tell me little homie whats a char manned into a blast torch

[Verse 2: Sam Lachow]
My coffee black, my water feed you, this worlds crazy
My friends rap, my hood hustles, my girls a waitress
On tour
Last stop
I met mad friends
Blew mad pot
That flow sucks
You fucks need to get off that flows nuts

[Verse 3: Sam Lachow]
I'mma hop into a buick
Say goodbye to my bitches and leave em' in the rear view
Get a blunt and a bottle and zip around a couple hours till we end up in another little city near you
[?] nicotine that taught me how to smoke
And the teenage mutant ninja turtles taught me how to fight
Not alots change since my last EP
The same kids, same crowd, I just bought a better bike
Alright repeat it Mac Dre
And Ima keep it that way
When I finally make it down to the bay Ima shut it down start a couple riots on the way
Thank you
80 Bars come again times two
From the mind that brought you the rhymes that got you to grind the pot you roll it up
My dude

[Verse 4: Sam Lachow]
I'm glad we got this chance to slow it down a bit
Cause every bar I spit is money
No counterfeit
And I've been workin' on my temper
Toned it down a bit
Cause I might fuck around and have me a Lachowder fit
My homies know what I'm talkin' bout
They clown a bit
My little brother just graduated
I'm proud of him
Take your diploma home
He look to the skies
I look at him and recognize that same look in his eyes
Do I still got the spirit I see in him?
Do I still got that hunger that's deep within?
Am I still that kid with the candy store in his closet
Stealin' Hersheys from the deli and sellin' the bag for profit
I've always been a hustla
That's a fact
Never much of a pimp
But I can rap
I think it's time for us to pick another beat
Now lets get back to the rap shit before I fall asleep

[Verse 5: Sam Lachow]
Last weekend I partied in Cincinnati
Met a girl on twitter thought she was sexy and had a fattie
So I brought her to the homies crib
Told me she was 19
She looked the part
And who the hell am I to check her ID?
It sounds slutty, don't it?
I had a slutty moment
I made a rule against it
And I already broke it
I'm 22 and I'm already on tour
I'm gettin' money makin' music I already want more
Yeah I'm a skinny cool cat from the city, right?
You wanna smoke a couple batch
Shit I'm with it, right?
You wanna take a couple poles
You was babysitting too
Now you're high as hell
Next thing you know I'm babysitting you!

[Verse 6: Sam Lachow]
I'm an ignorant jerk
That was my ignorant verse
Rappin' bout bitches and drugs instead of women I love
It seem like just yesterday I was a seventh grade noobie
I still remember that day I felt on my first black booty
Tanika thought I was cute
Swear she was feelin' me too
She'd be like "that's my lil' white boy"
She's like "aw that's my boo"
She tellin' me I'm just a friend, woah
I never got to get it in, no

[Verse 7: Sam Lachow]
Eight grade
I'm a runner the rest of the year
Ima feel on my first titties
I feel sexy, yeah
Young and looking for a little romancin'
I swear this song brings me back to hella middle school dances
Little advances
Grindin' on Priscilla and Candace
Feelin' romantic
Tryin' not to kill all my chances but
She finally said I'm not a friend, woah
I finally got to get it in, yo

[Verse 8: Sam Lachow]
Naw baby
You won't get more from me
I got enough friends already and I don't need more buddies
I need a girl with a job
One that can roll up the bud
I don't want no scrubs
I need a girl who really with it
If I ask her to she'll bring the burner with her
If I want the Mona Lisa she gonna paint the perfect picture
And I'll give the same love back
I promise I'll give the same love back
They call me Sammy Huckleberry Lachow
But kinda scarier now
I got a tour to run tomorrow
Hittin' various towns
You might find me in your city
But I'm barely around
Cuz I don't think of the future
I'm chillin' here in the now, hah

Sammy Lachow

Sa-a-a-a-a-m Sa-a-a-a-a-a-m S-a-a-mmy Lachow, no man
That shit makes me feel like the motherfucker of all motherfuckers!