Salem Hill - All Fall Down lyrics

Paint me a picture that's deceiving
Something that's not everything that it seems
A portrait of decadent grandeur
That hides the decay of contemptible dreams

A mask to display all the confident pride
And tries not to show that there's nothing inside

Sing me a song if you can
Sell me what soul that you have
The curtain still hides what is left of your pride
‘Til the wind blows you back home again

Put on a show of illusion
Spectacular artifice, a clever disguise
Fly on the wings of ambition
And try not to be everything you despise

An ill-gotten piece of the succulent pie
Try not to show that your world is a lie

And it's all just a show, for the seeds you have sown
Will come to fruition one day
Drunk on the power that soon will devour you
And you'll find nobody cares anyway