Sajid & Zeeshan - Free And Under Estimated lyrics

I have been meaning to tell you
No Reason to be scared
But too much communication darling
And too much missing me here

And too much understanding
And too much being square
Too much of what we're into baby
Too much of you being there

Coz I'm Free and underestimated
Not free from love

You have been changing colours
Like weeks turn its days
I'm scared it might bring it back to a monday

Don't change from blue to gray
When you got set for this ocean
I saw you swimming here
But I face too many whirlpools baby
And I still call it fair

Coz I'm Free but don't underestimate it
Not free from love
Aaaa aaa aa aa aa

Take sometime and think about somewhere else to shine
You will find that love would need a reason to be blind

Don't underestimate it
So free your love