Saigon - On My Way (2011)

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Saigon - On My Way lyrics

I’m on my way to the top, no frontin'!
Y'all couldn'tpay me to stop, …nothing,
Stay on my own and keep my pace, I’m running,
Cause I’m on my way up, I’m on my way up!
…to the top!
…to the top!
I’m on my way up!

And I’m never coming down, clown!
Banged from every angle like ..
Down town pay homage to my hustle, man.
Stop getting mad cause I’ll be showing all my muscles, man
I work hard for 'em, so damn right imma show 'em!
You think i do this shit for fun, I don’t think so, son!
I’m in the gym like young Mohamed and them.
You said I’ll make it to the top, but I gotta get in there!
In the studio, you should be ready…
Every other year I’ve got this rap shit shooking off!
Whoever got a good time,
Then I’m dropping around to put a stop to his shine.
I’m much more than punch-lines and metaphors,
The skill level is hard years ahead of yours,
To feel free, to critique my mistake the wise rule the world,
the strong only rule the weak.


And like I said I ain’t coming down,
I did everything one can do in the underground,
mixtapes toss …made a couple hundred dollars,
But people want their greatest story and they want it!
But that was the beat, the one that let my message out,

My words are equal to… stress about!
I made a song, color purple, they refused to push it,
That was a song that could do something to..
Pain in my life, the proof is in the… act as good as…
That black ballin' was obvious, I walked they say…
What kind of guy retires before his rookie season?
I plan plot, strategies, different ways to make it,
Cause when you’re real as I am, you face major hatred.
Feel free to critique my mistake,the wise rule the world,
the strong only rule the weak.


…before he got on the train
And started popping shots on the people nagging,
..we’re barely surviving!
..that’s the problem with kids,
You niggers got slum topic, talking bout you from projects
you sold bubble gum goblins
I gotta get to the profit, and nothing is gonna stop me!
Feel free to critique my mistake, ….


Break it down, break it!
No funny ya all, no funny!
None gonna stop me, man!
I’m on my way up, check it!
You’re coming with me,
How many people are coming with me?
And everybody..
Come on!