Saidian - See The Light lyrics

A ray of light deep in the dark
All the shadows torn apart
Every cloud will melt like ice
There's fire behind these eyes

Flames inside my blackened mind
Guide me to a place behind

Can you see the light - it's right in the sky
'Cause Heaven is burning
See the light - it's right in the sky
And I don't feel no pain when I'm burning for you

An empty wasteland - deep inside
Is the place we left behind
We live and die in endless night
If we can't see the light

Don't look back, don't stay, don't die
Just see the light and fly

Can't you see how the world is crying
'Cause their holy land is dying
Their final curtain will fall
It's our private revelation
Just our own salvation
We will transcend over all
And we will never fall

Keep on flying
Stop your crying
Spread your wings to fly away
Keep on trying
Hold your line in
Destiny is here to stay