Saidian - Ride On A Phoenix lyrics

You're lookin' lost and lonesome
(so) take my hand I'll be your guide
Don't be afraid - just follow
The beacon-light to your life

Come on I'll show you the way
I'll show you the way to fly
It's just a walk on fire
We'll have to burn to stay alive

On wings of desire we rise again
Leaving the ashes behind
A trace full of fire will follow our way
Soaring up high to the sky

Our fire is rising into a new dawn
Ride on the wings of a phoenix
Ashes to ashes - from dust we're reborn
Our fire will take us away

Right in a world of darkness
We're reborn to carry the light (we burn the pyre of lies)
It's just purification
Our flames burn down the night (out of the ashes we rise)

From dust and ashes we rise
Ignite a spark in the night
On wings of fire we ride
And with the flames we will fly