Sadistik - Wake Up Dead lyrics

Listen to the creature with October in his eyes
As I illustrate the features just to mold them into life
I'll hold it with my hands and I'll sculpt it into ice
Just so I can set her free and let her soar into the sky
Follow me into the grim odyssey the villain's in
Haunting like a diligent zombie 'til it kills again
All I see's a colony of oddities and ill intent
Feeling bent, swallowing the qualities of innocence
In a sense, there's a sickness in my chest
If you think that life's a bitch you should give her some respect
Maybe she's a genophobe, a victim of neglect
And the impotence you have is just a symptom of the stress (yes)
All I know is that there is no certainty in life I hold
Weather in Seattle matches perfectly inside my skull
Everything is dark, everything is grey and cold
Laying out the canvas just so I can let the paint unfold

Phantom in the rainfall, phantasmagoric
Plastered in the same spot but can't manage solace
Standing in the graveyard with hands clamped in foregrip
Chant until the days gone, a fantastic courtship
(YOU) Look into my eyes and try to find a breath of life
(SEE) All the mysteries and secrets that I kept disguised
(THROUGH) All the perfect insecurities I meant to hide
(ME) Ain't no way because I always feel so dead inside
Now I spell "dedicate" with another letter, "a"
Walk into the center stage, caught up into heaven's gate
Every single step I take reminds me of the death I taste
Unfulfilled promises or ones I didn't get to make
Unless they break, but I'm modest with the greeting
Overexistential and my confidence is sinking
Swallowed all my pride, my esophagus is bleeding
Ominous and seething, watching but I'm nauseous from the feeding
This what you get when you've been greeted with an echo
Just another operatic sequence in falsetto
Just another very tragic piece of a libretto
Just another charismatic demon in the meadow
Sneaky with the silver tongue, now I've lost my thrill for blood
Falling to my knees as the shadows start to close in
Take my last breath, grab my own lifeless hand
Let the silence in and I finally... fall asleep (asleep) (asleep) (asleep) (asleep)