Sacrilege (UK) - Father Time (Beneath The Gaze) lyrics

No less than men yes they were strong,
Determined they traveled on.
Tho' the land against them was
Evil 'midst each step they trod.
Deep into the twisted vine
Branches gnarled by father time.
Against a man whose spirit swayed
From the light to darkest ways.
Time they took to rest awhile
In a place where freedom ran wild.
Life's golden gift was tarnished not
Man's greed and waste here they forgot.

The final climb
To meet whose enemy?
The battle bringing
Death's distorted tragedy.
Now we seek into
This foes dark eyes.
Who was this man?
They sought out to fight.

Battle it was long, for no it never ends
Inside all our souls, spirits that he bends.
Mixing his dark spells, to waver our weak minds
Looks into our faces, blackside of mankind.