Sacred Warrior - Hot Night Crash lyrics

We´ve been here before
We´re stuck and I´m halfway through your door
I´ve said it before
Listen, this is the last time
we won´t fool ourselves no more
Been at it for days
We are brand new but we´re already set in our ways
I find it hard to belive
we fall to pieces way too easily

Got out hands on the action
we´ve been trying really hard to find
Since we got stuck on all the love and affection
It´s getting harder for us every time
I wonder why
we have to tell each other lies
Maybe our heartache never dies with the hot night crash
You´ll hear it tonight

Some call it doubts
Too hard to tell me it´s all over and out
In the back of my head
I heard you say it
Tried to beat you to it instead
Wish I could be sure that we don´t work
Could I leave you and all your...
Halfway through the door
My eyes shut my shoes nailed to the floor

Give us something worth saving when we´re done crying
This time I couldn´t keep him and I wasn´t trying
Oh baby drop your worrying it´s over
and no we don´t need any time to recover