Sa-Roc - Code Of Hammurabi (2014)

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Sa-Roc - Code Of Hammurabi lyrics

Look at what you made me
Product of your pressure,
Made a diamond out a black heat
A rhymer out a writer,
And a fighter out of past fists.
I think you’re trying to match this
Miraculous kinda practice
Stand along on rival to my ... solo actress
What you think you wanted,
But I don’t think you’re ready for this
Level of incredible,
I’m leading league of extraordinary gentlemen
You’re Dorian Gray, trying to hold on to your innocence
Once you thought you made it out,
I’m putting you back in.
You started a war, nag
You’re A rolling the action
I make homie your fraction,
With some B boys doing back spins,
And DJs on the waxes
I’m de-rating the heat game with a free aim at the baskets.
Just that simple for me,
You let your .. blow up,
Cause gassed up by yourself, lil homies.
Time to face your sentence, homie !
Just when takes us here to tell your pride to repentance, homie!
(Homie, homie, homie!)

Welcome to the fallout!
Stand upon something, and the days about to fallout
Clutching eternity like a man with his final straw out
Must be your vanity that made me .. out
I’m giving out lessons like your least favorite teacher
East ... my retreat game, but what he says to believe in
You learned that the hard way, I grew up in hard ways
We’re pissing, cooking rocks, was the like for ...
But that’s all behind me now,
Rappers fall behind me now
Line you up like a temple tape,
The temple stake me out my mind.
Six inch on the benches,
and I’ve been growing, and it’s about that time
How do you think I’m afraid to act?
I’mma go shit off on your grind
When your album come out,
Yes, I’mma gonna shit on every line.
Pleased to choose my language,
My anger has got my spitting flames
Blowing up on records, like you struck a match and lit propane
I present you, Sa-Roc!
I suggest you don’t forget that name! (name, name)