STERET - OMG lyrics

You weren't there in the morning
You left me without a warning
And you took all of my shit
Oh my god! Not the oven mit!

How the hell could you take my oven mit?
Especially the one with the perfect fit!
Where the hell are you, when I want someone to hit?
I can believe you fucking took it!

I know it is really wrong
But now I'm sitting here singing emo songs
And it's not going to be very long
Oh my god! Did you take my thong?

How could you take my favorite one?
It was the one I loved a whole ton!
Oh so you think you have won?
Well look at me now, I have a gun!

How could I shoot Winnie the Pooh?
Even if we weren't at the zoo
I know that our game is through
Oh my god! Did you take my screw?

I wanted to push that one through the wall!
I know that I'm not very tall!
And I know that we are at the mall!
And my penis is very small!

I don't know what that had to do with this song
All I know is that I am so sad
And that line didn't rhyme
So I think I'm going to say buh-bye

I'm back!
I got a new oven mit, thong, and screw!
It's bigger than your penis!
Why do you always do that?
Because I can!
Fuck you!