STEEP - Stars And Stripes lyrics

I’m not really sure if I’m allowed to sing
Can’t choose on my own whether I’m out or in
The same odd beat of soldiers stepping on the ground
to plead allegiance makes their favourite sound

A senseless game where there is not a prize to win
Just for the amusement of a self-made king
We’re all just puppets in this giant brainless vibe
Stand and fight together, what’s the reason like?

Oh yeah, yeah
Oh yeah, yeah

But I still don’t seem to know how it’s like to be a western hero
With all those stars and stripes you’re still your daddy’s boy
You long for brave new worlds and all your critics shake
Do freedom fries free peoples’ minds of french bad taste?

After all this heavy stuff I try to keep the facts together
Democracy is everywhere but not where it should be
Money talks and western hawks won’t fly through stormy weather
Our lonesome rider drops the gun when nights get cold and long