ST8OFMIND - Moodswings lyrics

Well this is my greatest state of mine
state of mind
its all in the mind
I am here for the first time
You are just like a chicken
State of mind
When I rhyme
it's all in the mind
listen to the rhyme
the rhyme, the rhyme

ooooh i feel like i wanna explode
enemy is fear so nobody seems to care
So I don't care
One turn deserves another
2 wrongs don't make a right
Hey yo don't even bother
You're not in my shoes so you lose
anything i say is held against me
You called by the fools
Confront my mind state
Confront my flip side
Having mood swings like Jeckll and Mr. Hyde
I'm free into another personality
Avoid the stress that is slowly killing me, I laugh
Ha! Cuz everything is a joke
Take the bulls out, nothing I smoke
my eyes are set to blaze
everything is beautiful in it's own ways
Shh! I'm not asking for much
My brothers drivin' me crazy like Starchy and hutch
Insane? it's just a mental factor
You don't see what I see until the morning after
Sometimes I feel like a puppet on a string
Society don't want me to do my own things
I rebel
You only live one
So I collect clientele
I do what I gotsa ta
Check my pops like a rasta
Jamaicans talk without dread locks
Whatever I am feeling I must display
Feeling murderous
hanging from their tongues
in my hallway
Thinking i might die
i never say flip that
Change your format
What you see is what you get
It never is, the world in the red
I can see you an animal
Sorta like Lector Hannibal
Silence will get cha
Haunt you like a spectre
Electricfy all your brain cells
Who's afraid of who
Make you in the board of my unique clientele
I sell, vocal stylings
Trouble finds me when i'm violent
Like a mad man
The abyss like the darkness
and watch while the beat hijacks my mind like a terrorist
Mood swings in the rough stuff
With fashion
Load up the clip
Come out blasting'
Ill, the rest remain still

I'm having crazy Moodswings
They're sayin' I got Moodswings

I be mentally disturbed since my head hit the curb
They want me to be all I can be
In the army sell my soul please set my free
I swear!
Your honour self defence is my plea
They shot first
Then I went on a shooting spree
I'm not a Michael Myers type
Mood swings things getting' out of hand
My mental thoughts clicks
On an off switch on a blacking out the world
Interrupting like a gate crasher
The dungeon mind master
When I look at you you look away
I heard one say
When one eye can I
Turns blue skies to grey
mad respect
makes my shit Sound nice
like dice
Use that brain for a sacrifice
for the madness
smoking like the chalice
Release my rage when i take the stage
In the rule
Im in the mood now
watch me take it to the pinnacle

Welcome to the other side of the fence
Must I commence
if you sit and repent
it all make sense
on the fabric of life itself when I represent
I got you lifted
Come out your pipes in the dead of night
My dishes all twisted
that's what you get kid
Flipping through all kinds of the states
Here comes another that can't wait

I'm having crazy Moodswings
They're sayin' I got Moodswings
I be mentally disturbed since my head hit the curb

all they rude boys
all they rude boys
when all them ties
all they rude boys
when all them ties
what's your state of mind
what's your state of mind
is it a riddle?
all the time
and we know we wise
we enterprise
we merchandise
permanent mc
you better realize