SMP - Pictures Of You lyrics

Pictures of you
It's just pictures of you
Through the bedroom door
With that sly little grin
Say you want it some more
But there's people around
And they don't look so nice
Tell me why don't they move
This has happened before
This has happened before
It's just pictures of you
In darkness

Pictures of you
I'd been sleeping for hours
You came to my house
You were lost in the crowd
Said you had to get out
You were covered with tears
And they said you were sad
Yes, you wanted to play
Oh, yes, you wanted to play
Well, you touched me and smiled
As you let yourself go
No, but something was wrong
'Cause your touch was so cold
Like you'd been in the ground
And you asked if you could stay
And I said "no"
It's just pictures of you
In darkness

Pictures of you
In that lovely white dress
Oh, your skin was so white
With the moon in your eyes
On that cold winter night
When your lips were so soft
That I thought they would melt
And the sound of your breath
And the way that you felt
I said "yes"
And I said "yes"

It's just pictures of you
Lying nude in the sand
With a rose in your teeth
With the ? in your hand
It's just pictures of you
Standing high on a cliff
With the wind in your hair
And a smile on your lips
And your eyes were so wild
You started to laugh
Blending in with the wind
It sounded just like a scream
Why do pictures of you
Come to me when I dream?
In darkness

My lips

Pictures of you...