SMP - Anna's Song lyrics

There ain't a colder place
A derelict on the edge
Please take these eyes from my face
Can't tell the blue from the reds
See, when you're and you're out
Ain't no one cutting you slack
The motherfuckers on top
Won't take their foot off your back
We're singing Anna's song
We're singing Anna's song
You'll know that you're not alone
When singing Anna's song
Life ain't no video game
You only get one shot
If damage pumps in your veins
You got to use what you got
See, when I'm dead and I'm gone
And all that's left is the scraps
You'll have a drink on me
While you're looking back
Across the corridors at night
In the spectrum of after-light
It's in your pores, it's on your skin
You feeling tired, it's soaking in
Can you get up and shake it off?
Can you get up and shake it off?
To muscle over the mind, the mantra
What'll bring you back to the fight, c'mon now
Now that the engines are cold
We're so much junk in the void
Might not have hit our mark
At least we knew who we were