Ryshon Jones - Words To Get Vagina (2011)

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Ryshon Jones - Words To Get Vagina lyrics

[Verse 1]
This be something that I made for you
You know who you are, I ain't gotta say it's you
I swear that I was made for you
I wanna spend a day with you, live with you, then play with you
I say your smile be the sun to my clouds
And my grandma's down the hall, don't be loud
See we gon' play this Frank, you got a ocean of your own
I'll be Scuba Steve tonight, I swear I love the way you moan
You bitching when I'm tryna get some pictures for my phone
I ain't tryna sho the homies, just want 'em when I'm home all alone
When you gone, snapshots give me flashbacks
Insecure about your ass, when you pass I grab that
Laugh at how you impersonate when you say my name
You say I'll be a man-whore if I get the fame
I laugh it off like girl, "re hit the jane"
Even if I change, my feelings for you will be same

[Verse 2]
She said, "I know your type, I know your type"
I know I ain't the only girl you like
I got a way with curves, you got a way with words
But a hit and quit, is not what I deserve
Nigga I'm worth more
You say you dig me and you want me, you seem so sure
But I know you're, telling somebody else the same shit
If you tryna be a fuck buddy you should call it quits
You don't know what I been through
I been abused, got raped when I was 1-2
In front of my mom, I screamed 'help', she didn't want to
And the bullshit I swear it's just one too
Many to count, go ahead and let me down
If heartbreaks is water I'm 'bout to fucking drown
With you I'm unsure
Trying not to get hurt, it just hurts more
And I know you got baggage
I can't get your heart cause somebody else has it
Using me just to get over your last bitch
No I won't have it
I been here before and the ending was tragic
I been cheated on, I got beated on
My mom made me fuck niggas just to keep her home
I'm tryna let down my guard, but niggas like you make it hard
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I should chill
When you tell me how you feel, nigga it better be real