Ryan McMahon - Beyond The Fence lyrics

I'll be the solution
You be the mess
I'll get amnesia when we meet again
Oh you bet
I'm on the fence

I'll be simmered down when the news comes in
But you'll get your back up and bolt again
Oh you bet
I'm on the fence

And it won't be long
'Cause that don't mean it don't hurt any less
When you see your twenties come up then vanish
Oh don't let me go yet

I am the morning let me begin

You can have your evening and all it's sin
Oh you bet
I'm on the fence

Oh I'll see the new man
You'll see my 'beaut'
And I'll see his heart sticking under my shoe
Oh just another line for you

I'll see the sun from Railway St.
And I'll wonder where you are and I'll wonder whom you'll meet
But I'll never go further than wonder ever again
Oh you bet I'm beyond the fence