Ryan Leslie - Glory lyrics (Chinese translation). | Listen, they tried to put me in a box, the urban dude,
, I miss the festivals, ..
, They never...
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Ryan Leslie - Glory (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Listen, they tried to put me in a box, the urban dude,
ZH: 听着,他们试图把我放在框中,城市的哥们

EN: I miss the festivals, ..
ZH: 我想念的节日...

EN: They never really understood what I was trying to do,
ZH: 他们从来没有真正理解什么想做,

EN: And had me feeling… kinda blue!
ZH: 然后就让我感觉有点蓝 !

EN: I flipped the switches and put the rock star in my show,
ZH: 我翻转开关,将摇滚明星放在我的节目,

EN: Went overseas and had ‘em …
ZH: 国外去了和他们了......

EN: They’re looking funny I was bad with a bad with a black band
ZH: 他们要找有趣是以一个坏一个黑色带坏

EN: Eating everybody in the game….!
ZH: 吃大家在游戏中......!

EN: The only issue is not a game,
ZH: 唯一的问题不是一个游戏,

EN: I’ve got these kids looking at me, saying what a shame!
ZH: 我有这些孩子看着我说: 太可惜了 !

EN: He’s so underrated, he should have solved more
ZH: 他因此被低估了,他应该解决更多

EN: Should have had a number one record with his own…
ZH: 应该有数一条记录的他自己......

EN: Look at his life show, look how we touch ‘em keys,
ZH: 看着他的生活的展示,看我们怎么摸他们的键,

EN: Look at ‘em girls scream when he fall to his knees!
ZH: 看看他们的女孩尖叫时他落到他的膝盖 !

EN: Look how we boys… when he tell a story,
ZH: 看看如何我们男孩......当他讲故事,

EN: I guess I had to spill my guts so I could get my glory!
ZH: 我想我不得不吐真言可以让我的荣耀 !

EN: Listen!
ZH: 听着 !

EN: Have you ever seen such determination?
ZH: 你见过这种测定吗?

EN: Despite all, I’m still a theme for the adulation.
ZH: 尽管所有,我仍是奉承的一个主题。

EN: Everything I ever wrote I did it form the heart
ZH: 我写过我做的一切形式的心

EN: Never had a top ten but you still respect my art.
ZH: 从来没有过的十强,但你仍然尊重我的艺术。

EN: I’m in the club and they still send me free bottles,
ZH: 我在俱乐部,他们仍然把我送瓶免费

EN: They still push that chief out far with a super model.
ZH: 他们仍然推,首席出远与超级模特。

EN: It’s my reality, this ain’t no show, brother
ZH: 这是我的现实,这不是没有显示、 兄弟

EN: Go check my girl on the February Vogue cover!
ZH: 去看看我在 2 月时尚封面上的女孩 !

EN: Catch me ripping through the city in that silver…
ZH: 抓到我在那银市通过翻录......

EN: Screaming oh, that’s fine, Leslie here, they know it’s me!
ZH: 尖叫哦,那精细、 莱斯利在这里,他们不知道是我 !

EN: I’m not ashamed at all, in fact I love my story,
ZH: 我一点都不感到羞耻,事实上我爱我的故事,

EN: No matter what it takes I wanna keep my glory!
ZH: 不管怎么样,我想要留住我荣耀 !

EN: Shit!
ZH: 狗屎 !

EN: The glory, give it to me!
ZH: 荣耀,把它给我 !

EN: Oh, oh! (x2)
ZH: 哦,哦 !(2)

EN: You asked me why I’m rapping,
ZH: 你问我为什么我说唱,

EN: Well I give you the reason,
ZH: 好我给你的理由,

EN: The same reason you’re hating when you should be believing!
ZH: 同样的原因你恨时你应该相信 !

EN: It’s in your heart to hate; it’s in my heart to win,
ZH: 它是在你的心来恨 ;它是在我的心里,赢了,

EN: So yeah, I’m rapping now, let the hating begin!
ZH: 是的我现在说唱让恨开始 !

EN: I’ll write my own records, write my own checks,
ZH: 我会写我自己的记录,写我自己的支票

EN: Wonder which will… which city I’m calling home next!
ZH: 不知这会...哪个城市我打电话回家下一步 !

EN: One thing I know for sure, one thing is mandatory,
ZH: 我只知道一件事,一件事是强制性的

EN: I owe it all to God, I give it all to glory!
ZH: 我欠它都向上帝,我给它所有的荣耀 !

EN: Shit!
ZH: 狗屎 !

EN: The glory, give it to me!
ZH: 荣耀,把它给我 !

EN: Oh, oh! (x2)
ZH: 哦,哦 !(2)

EN: I’mma get my glory,
ZH: 我来拿我的荣耀

EN: Give it to me! (x2)
ZH: 把它给我!(2)