Ryan Leslie - Beautiful Lie (Remix) (feat. Fabolous) (2012)

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Ryan Leslie - Beautiful Lie (Remix) (feat. Fabolous) lyrics

Tell you somethin' you don't know...

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
I just tell 'em what they wanna hear
Soon as you don't give a f*ck is when they wanna care
She say the truth is overrated like underwear
And if the shoe fits, she want a pair
Yeah, I tell you somethin' that you don't know
'Cause if you don't water plants then they won't grow
I drop jewels, she pick 'em up then kick 'em up
Legs in the air and give it to me - stick 'em up
Tell me it's mine, tell me it's mine
Biggest lie in the world is "yeah, baby, I'm fine"
Yeah, maybe I'm lying - but I am fly
Say they see me in some True's that's a goddamn lie
Louis V, Balmain if I call names
Game time, uniform, no ball games
Beautiful lies look as good as they sound
Toast to those in the box 'cause they couldn't be 'round

[Chorus: Ryan Leslie]

And if you're feelin' how I'm feelin' put your hands to the sky
(So unforgettable)

'Cause we only gon' get this moment one chance in our lives

(Once in the lifetime proposition baby)
And we all wanna believe in a beautiful lie

A beautiful lie

[Verse 2: Ryan Leslie]
She a tiger in a skirt, yeah, she wan' play
Rottweiler on my shirt that's Givenchy
In them YSL heels, she'll stab the pavement
A see through top? That's a fashion statement, uh

You a classy girl but when I get them lights out
Cot damn you a "Nasty" girl
Janet Jackson in my 2-room suite
"Anytime, anyplace" no "Control" when we ruining sheets

Where my pretty girls at? My two door coupe
Will fit a couple in the back baby voulez vous
Couchez avec the kid we'll say that we didn't
Tell your girls 'curiosity' killed your kitten, yeah

Only problem is the paparazzi
Caught you outside my hotel tellin' me 'grazie'
Armani Casa sheets and the tub's Versace
The whole world loves to watch me

I just can't help it

Nah mean, Fab?