Ryan Leslie - Beautiful Lie lyrics (Chinese translation). | Yeah, you gotta love Paris!
, Shorty fine I see a future in her face
, I said I'm at the Le...
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Ryan Leslie - Beautiful Lie (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Yeah, you gotta love Paris!
ZH: 是的你一定要爱巴黎 !

EN: Shorty fine I see a future in her face
ZH: 甜蜜蜜罚款我看到她面对未来

EN: I said I'm at the Le Meurice
ZH: 我说过我在莫里斯

EN: She looked at me & said "after-party, your place"
ZH: 她看着我,& 说,"售后党,你的地方"

EN: Wow - now that's a five star evenin
ZH: 哇-现在真是五个星级守侯

EN: Let's hit the suite for some 5 star treatment
ZH: 让我们打一些 5 星级治疗套房

EN: Lights off, music on, heavy breathin'
ZH: 灯关了,音乐,沉重的呼吸

EN: Round three, man, I'm over achievin'
ZH: 圆的三个男人,我在 achievin'

EN: And she lovin' the way I'm winnin, hey
ZH: 她的爱的方式我是 winnin,嘿

EN: I'm caked up wit mo' checks I'm getting paid
ZH: 我结块了机智 mo' 检查我还拿钱

EN: We wake up it's mo' sex & minute maid
ZH: 我们醒来的 mo' 性别 & 分钟女佣

EN: That's the Rockstar life - I live it, baby
ZH: 这就是摇滚明星生活-活在其中,婴儿

EN: Ain't no tellin where I'ma go, man
ZH: 不是没有告诉我要去哪里,男人

EN: Carefree livin' lovin' every moment
ZH: 无忧无虑生活每时每刻的爱

EN: I leave the buildin tip a hundred to my doorman
ZH: 我离开 buildin 提示我门卫到一百

EN: Now I'm in the gullwing pedal to the floor, man, ugh
ZH: 现在我在向地板,鸥翼式脚蹬人恩

EN: And if you're feelin how I'm feelin put your hands to the sky
ZH: 如果你是感觉觉得失落如何把你的手放到天空

EN: 'Cause we only gon' get this moment one chance in our lives
ZH: 因为我们只有尼泊尔政府 ' 在我们的生活中有这一刻一次机会

EN: And we all wanna believe in a beautiful lie
ZH: 我们都想要相信在一个美丽的谎言

EN: A beautiful lie
ZH: 一个美丽的谎言

EN: Yeah, I'm on my j-o-b
ZH: 是的我在我 j-o-b

EN: Shorty eyeing me like a drug, man, she way OD
ZH: 甜蜜蜜觊觎我像毒品,老兄,她方式 OD

EN: I ain't pay to get in this club, homie, they owe me
ZH: 我不是花钱买这个俱乐部,兄弟,他们欠我

EN: The Presidential convoy that's straight OG, yeah
ZH: 是直 OG 的总统车队

EN: Light flash the paparazzi know
ZH: 狗仔队知道有一道闪光

EN: They all in line for that Ryan Liberachi show
ZH: 他们都在那 Ryan Liberachi 显示为行

EN: I used to be the underdog Ralph Macchio
ZH: 我以前是 Ralph Macchio 落水狗

EN: Now u see me stuntin in the club with a Versace ho
ZH: 现在的 u 看我 stuntin 俱乐部与范思哲在何

EN: And she gon' ride for me do or die
ZH: 她尼泊尔政府 ' 骑我生存还是死亡

EN: And she be killin these b*tches assisted suicide
ZH: 她被林这些 b * tches 协助自杀

EN: That mean they killin themselves when she slide thru
ZH: 这意味着他们林自己当她通过幻灯片

EN: I mean, look at her - you would want to die too!
ZH: 看着她 — — 你会想死啊太 !

EN: And you don't need no other reason
ZH: 你不需要任何其他理由

EN: Than the way she be rockin furs out of season
ZH: 比她是摇滚皮草季节

EN: I leave the spot - tell the valet gimme my keys, man
ZH: 我离开现场-告诉代客给我我的钥匙,伙计

EN: My shorty hot - you should get you one of these, man
ZH: 我矮子热-你应该让你的这些人一