Ryan Ferguson - Windshield lyrics

Any way

Any way, I can help you through the day

I for one, know the sun, so I'll tell him to stay out

This letter grade, you got an "A", congratulate yourself kid

Would I have known that today's your birthday?

I've been sitting here all day thinking that today's your worst day

We'll celebrate and stay up late, and watch our favorite TV show

Would you know, it was cancelled yesterday

We'll get that guy, who threw that rock into my windshield

I can only ask why he wouldn't give a shit about how he thinks I'd feel

And no one can describe, as patient as I am, how bad I want this deal

So we'll get that guy who threw that rock into my windshield

Yesterday all across the state, on the news they showed your face

And your name, your hiding place, and I'm afraid it's too late

By the way, at the bottom of the page

On the line, I signed your name and your whole life away