Ryan Crawifs - Good Bye For The Last Time lyrics

Good Night For The Last Time

Tonight i walk alone
So far from home

Or anythign esle i know

You dont want to join
Me tonight

You dont want to go on
This awful adventure

You dont want to see
The way im going to end it all

This bullet wants to fly
Right through my head

This old alley
Is starving to be red

Painted with memories
Of you....

When was the last time?
The first time?

It doesnt matter anymore
Because this is the last time

Yes this is the last time
Youll ever see my face

This car just might swerve
Off the road you never know

You really dont...

This gun wants to scream
Right next to my face

Blowing away my past
Leaving me with nothing

Nothing to gain

But as for now ill humbly
Say goodbye

And wait for better things
On the other side

This is the last time

Yes this is the last time
Youl ever hear my voice

On this payphone youll
Hear my last good bye

This air is cold and dry...

But this lead cocktail
Is sweet and warm

This bleach chaser
Is a nice way to finish it off

Finish off a life that wasnt lead
But dead all along

I told you not to come with
Me tonight

But you couldnt listen
You never listened to me

You joined me on this
Adventure from hell

Tonight i didnt walk alone
You were next to me

But now your alone
What are you going to do?

Oh look were together again
Together in a puddle of tears and blood

Did it have to be this way?
We are no more...

Everything we hated was gone
But so are we....