Ryan Cabrera - Yesterday Is Gone lyrics

I'm not to certain of the things that I say
You were always laughing at me every mistake I made
Well I don't believe in everything that you do
it's just a minor situation that makes me love you
I can never begin, begin to tell you,
I'm falling in your clouds of heaven today, today

But I'm trying to fight it, but I can't help whats in my heart,
you were so hard to get over, but when all thats said and done,
Yesterday is Gone,

Well I'm never certain love, now you should now that,
we took one step at a time, looks like we took it too fast,

I didn't think, what they said was true
I felt like I won my whole life that day I met you for the first time until the day that you told me you weren't mine
it's ok I could not help that I've fallen in your clouds of heaven
today, today

Yesterday is so far away and I
know I'm not the type to give up and leave
if it takes me all my days I'll wait, I'll wait