Ryan Bonner And The Dearly Beloved - Disappear lyrics

There's something here more
than the latch on your door
that keeps me away from you.
And its all such a mess I'll take my bitterness
and keep it far from you.
Because you've been so kind, such an orderly decline
after what I put you through.
with a smile on your face, and an angel's grace
you took this all in stride.
And just like they say, every good thing goes away
It's only a matter of time.

You say that it is hard for you to tell me
the things you know that I don't want to hear.
But I will be goddamned if I will let me
let you take my heart and disappear

Well I sit back wondering how it is you helped me
get away with all my foolishness.
And I will be goddamned if I will let me