Rx Bandits - Vcg3 lyrics

2000, another shattered vision: the human raceour self-destruct button has been pressedare we acting on moralsa malfunction of minds lacking decisive controlare filled with a tv sense of life
We can live with no regretsthis ride's not over yetstand together, if not we fall

Stand together, if not we fallhow can we change the paradigm of social castewhen the victims are the same ones who slave for the corporationsthis episode's resolving and we can change ita revolution's calling and i'd like to think that i'm not alone
are we all alone in this
- -greed, warwe cant afford to prune in this selfish agenda of politiciansbut we've gotta get paid i knowjust try to do what we can for us


Syntax error, reprogram, reprogramall systems down, but we can change it
are we all alone in this
are we all alone